25 November 2021

What's Up?

Food for Thought notes

Been a month according to the timeline since I have written anything here so, just notes on what's up. This type of writing helps me sort out the chaos. 

The global pandemic is still active. Some areas will claim it isn't but, that is just a political and economic statement that is hurting everyone everywhere.

Then since I live in a global universe (internet), the Climate Crisis is spiraling. Water rising, heat soaring, glaciers melting, permafrost melting, polar vortex in winter, the ocean currents are changing, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, volcanoes erupting, food shortage and I probably missed one or two. I'm not very optimistic. Beyond the Tipping point.

Zero back down to home. So, much mis-information. In order for some to succeed they buy into this bad information and the result is oppression, social injustice, discrimination, etc. but, always claiming how they are the good people. My comment to those that can not see this oppression; What color should I sew your apron and do-rag?

A book titled, What Color is Your Parachute? inspired a generation of entrepreneurs years ago. A lift one up optimistically and the possibilities were at one's fingertips for success. The "good entrepreneur" took others along for the ride in an upward motion as well. A good business plan includes lifting others into success as well as lifting oneself. A Team.

I'm not lacking for thoughts on this oppression, social injustice or even discrimination. The years of setting-up reporters to be Fake News. The role that social media plays in advancing this propaganda. The lack of understanding that the FCC and FTC are gatekeepers that have let citizens down because the mis-information spread like a wildfire. 

I struggle as well as others but, I am a mentor with a voice.

02 October 2021

Littlemouse Vision Quest

I have been busy bringing together over twenty-years of website work back to life.
Some of my readers might remember me, since I began communication right here.
The new website that I am building is a challenge. No longer working off my Mac so, I can stop that mantra in my head. You know the one: Go left not right - click once not twice.

My actual website has its own blog. It is a website builder so, I am working through the learning lessons to try to update subscribers to the newest content. I am using GoDaddy's website builder so, you can look at mine to get an idea of what you might be able to accomplish. Here is the link to the blog: https://rebeccalea.com/blog

What I hope to accomplish with those that subscribe to the newsletter, when you see the above card, the information should be the new art, entertainment and storyteller information.

When this one pops-up in the newsletter then there is a new local news report based on where I currently reside in Arkansas. 

Some of you might be wondering, What is with the Word for the Day
I find myself surrounded by individuals that just seem to be lacking in the proper perspective on behavior, history and law. 

So, call it mentoring to a larger audience. It allows me the opportunity to utilize a formidable education for the greater good. 

Now, have a very good month. I have a lot of web work to put together.