22 April 2021

 Word for the Day


I use to look upon this idea of volunteering as an action to assist someone or something for the greater good. An action with NO strings attached. The recipient had the final say on whether to accept or not. 

The offering came in many forms such as a meal, a ride, a reader, a listener, a helper on the farm, a babysitter, a coach, etc. 
Gestures or offers extending a hand of hope for the moment.  
An offer with no strings attached and no monetary gain. 

The common thread for a volunteer is Time.

11 April 2021

 Survival thinking 

I survived the polar vortex. Had the foresight to get really good firewood for the winter and used it. Wasn't easy to stoke that fire every four hours for five days. Actually took some planning just to prepare to light the fire. Found a couple of videos on YouTube that were just what I wanted for starting a fire with a very cold stove pipe, wind and minus degree temps outside. Worked like a charm and never let that fire go out.

Turned the electric Heat & Air completely off and covered up the top of the outside heat pump with plastic topped with left-over kitchen counter linoleum and weighted that down with small stepping stones and rocks. Kept the snow and ice out of the unit, completely. Kicked it back-on when I was ready and the result: I stayed off the wait list for Heat & Air service plus, not singing the electric company billing blues.

Will there be another polar vortex? That is possible. I found and used what was on hand: heavy guage plastic to cover windows, with no storm windows, on the inside with pushpins. For the glass doors, I found on-hand the foam that is used when laying down wood floors. Cut that to fit the in-and-out doors and secured with packing tape to the door frame itself. 

Did not have that old crafter snake for under the door draft but, I found some foam swimming noodles and cut them to fit and that kept out the door draft. Just taped the noodle to the bottom of the door and I could go in and out while all the items stayed in place. 

I feel rather good, knowing that I could do all this on my own. Darling husband finally admitted that he was a pack-rat and I went hunting for what I thought would work since I am all into upcycle.

Also not in denial regarding the changing climate. Been involved in that thinking since the 70s. 
As I empty out 38-years of stuff, "Day After Tomorrow" reminded me that books are burnable trees and don't let the fire go out!