24 February 2015

GDRL calls a Time Out! for Fun

Eventually I will open the comment section here on this blog so, your eyes can help me monitor feedback on how these ecommerce stores I have are functioning.

Traditionally this would be Customer Service.

All Internet venues need those extra eyes that want to assist others with all the technicalities.

Think about it.

  1. There are the techs that operate the code. 
  2. The payment venues.
  3. For products - the production house.
  4. For writers - extra eyes on the words is appreciated.
  5. Extra eyes on the functionality of the plug-ins, browsers and script.
  6. For products - the delivery service
  7. Omg ... endless list, which is why eventually I will open the comment section with approvals.
In the meantime - Here is another product:

DE's delightful Time Out! Mouse Pads
DE's delightful Time Out! Mouse Pads by gdrlPOD
Design a unique custom mouse pad.

Whether you are running a day care for children, working with children at a school, a parent with a house full or just one and my favorite ...

An adult that just needs to play ... Time Out!