07 June 2015

Brand Me: Part 1

Brand Me: Part 1

I usually have links posted to articles but today, I am following some professional advice given to me personally regarding:  Brand Me.

Now the advice is an interesting point of view and actually quite foreign to my nature but, I do get the point. With that stated the main me is Rebecca Lea.

In this growing world of social media and the voices that generate so much content on this global network through Social Media, email, newsletters, web pages, etc.; International rules are broken minute by minute as well as U.S. Federal laws, which is my home country.

I do believe it was yesterday that I signed the petition and I wrote an opinion, which supported the point of view to the U.S. Congress that the U.S. Endangered Species Act needs to be left in the hands of the Science professionals that study and understand the purpose of protecting life on this planet based on an Eco balanced system.

Even though I have a Master of Science degree as well as some significant honors; it is not my field of study but I appreciate others in the field of study and their expertise. I do have the ability and background to follow the conversation and the science data.

In my younger years, I was a part of the team that consisted of those "endangered species experts," the U.S. Forest Service team that kept everyone safe in the woods and the "data" collectors that logged all the information precisely for what became The Final Report.

I do have a passion for the conversation on Climate Change and I run a Twitter account with a targeted audience on the environment at KMC @ Twitter.

The home page that I run is located at KissMyConfusion, which is registered to me.

Since I labeled this Part 1, I will stay on what has become the first topic: Environment.

There is no need for me to tell you about Climate Change. There are experts and organizations dedicated to the science and conversation as well as global panels addressing the big picture.

I run a board on the topic at my Pinterest account: gdrebeccalea

As well as boards for Endangered Species, KMC Recycle! Reclaim! Redefine! There are two boards on things I find of interest: Board I and Board II plus many more.

I do like the visual connect of utilizing Pinterest. My recommendation to "pinners:" Read the information behind the Pin. One should never assume that the picture and the content connect!

Today, individuals have a greater resource through the Internet to gather information but, Trust has always been an issue in the highway of Network Information.

Sometime in the last six months or so, the FTC added Social Media to the list of violations.

Younger people need to be aware as well as some older users that It is U.S. FTC violation to be utilizing a Social Media network by an employee as for the purpose of  "tooting" the praises of a product or company. It is considered a False representation of the product, business or company.


This new addition to the FTC rules was a professional insight that I shared with some younger Internet professionals through my Linked In networks.

It is very easy to spot the conversations or to even Check Fact the conversation.

Corporations are using the younger user employee through their social media skills to advance the company without the Transparency that is required.

Might appear to be a cushy job spot but be aware that the FTC has addressed the issue.

There is a correct way. It starts with Transparency.