20 April 2020

All I Really Want To Do ...

I wanted to awake early today and a little tufted titmouse made sure I did. I realized what bird was sounding the morning alarm to get up, "the bird feeder is empty!"

It was such a joy to be able to move around so early in the morning for a change.

The next tweet from the titmouse was to the bird neighborhood alarm, "Seed is in the feeder!"

It filled quickly with all the song birds or color and the surprise was how many golden finches were nearby. Such a colorful group of cardnials, chickadees, bluejays and the tittmouse.

The wrens, flickers and various woodpeckers arrive later.

What I really want to be able to do is use this darn smartphone to take photos to upload immediately but, as usual there are some tech issues when syncing the old with the new.

With this coronavirus pandemic, I am building a container garden; something I did not think I would do again at my age. Now lots of farmers have pitched in to supply some items that I needed. The winter barrels that they receive for their cattle make good containers for hillside gardening in rocky areas, such as mine.

Then there are the neighbors that brought me their empty drinking water bottles to use as a filler in the bottom of the tubs, a suggestion I received years ago from a woman further south of me that had used these containers before. Of course another neighbor found the bleach I needed for soaking those bottles and my neglected rainbarrels.

Received some paper-lined feed sacks and some type of plastic-woven feed sacks that I have soaked in bleach. To top it all off, some burlap feed sacks.

Everything moving right along; seed order from Urban Farmer arrived and then, not one but two Spring freezes in April. If anyone has any doubt about Climate Change then Wake-Up.

So, all I really wanted to do was harvest but, a very important issue ... Having a discussion with a raccoon. This is why the bird feeder was empty. I empty it every night so, maybe the raccoon will go away. All the plant starts in containers including the deck-rail baskets are drenched in cayenne pepper because I failed to have a heart to heart conversation with this raccoon. 👏 Working on it.

And it is time for me to journey on with my work-day.
Stay safe everyone and #SocialDistancing in order to #FlattenTheCurve the Coronavirus Pandemic is real, too.