14 June 2017

Getting Started: Short Topic 1 - Legal

Going to try a new direction for utilizing this blog spot that has been a part of my personal marketing and branding arsenal of tools for many years.

Writing has been rather minimal for some time now. I will attempt to sort some ideas and concerns that swirl in my head by eliminating a few topics of concern in this blog.

There are National and International lawsuits that I consider important issues. These lawsuits are noted in my Pinterest board under the topic;  Law Cases to Follow. Some of these lawsuits have been settled. The others have legal teams and they are filed in courts.

One of the legal topics that has been discussed since USA President Trump was sworn into office is The Foreign Emoluments Clause: Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8.

There are now several lawsuits that are filed in the U.S. courts. This is a very serious topic and lawsuits.

It is not only at a National and International level that gifts stowed upon elected political officials are addressed in legal terms.

There are States that have legal definitions for the elected officials in regards to accepting gifts. The State  definition applies to all officials located in the State; from the highest State level down to the County, City and even community commissioners.  When one runs for an office and is sworn into office then the rule applies.

In the State of Arkansas, violations can be filed with the State's ethics board.