18 August 2017


It is such a small word that is a question waiting for an answer.

When the Women's March took place this year, I appreciated the sign I saw that said, "I can't believe I am still doing this shit." She was referring to marching for women.

I relate.

Then to the mother in Charlottesville, Virginia; Nope, I wouldn't talk to that guy either.

Everyone seems so surprised but, this has been an erosion occurring for a rather long time.

Does not matter if it is about gender, race, demographics, wages, health, environment, faith, religion and a few more topics - you hopefully get the point.

To think that I thought I could enjoy doing what I am good at and succeed for myself, my family and my community but, the group that Wants What They Want When They Want It is a powerful group.

They break rules to get What They Want in order to prosper in the manner they vision for themselves.

When they do; WHAT is no longer a question.

WHAT is now the IT. The defining selfish moment that the group will undertake in order to survive in whatever that comfort zone is for them. People outside their group do not matter.

IT is dangerous.