21 January 2021


The simplest for today was to be painting a wall in the house that finally got patched but, NO been working for hours trying to match-up the correct color. Decided to continue my artistic license ☺and be creative. This is my bad since I used an analogous color scheme. This is when one says, "I can do this" and make it work.

Creating this post while I wait for the wrong color to dry and start over with the Kill2. Then of course there is the new creative position yet to complete. 

I caught bits and pieces of the Inaguration yesterday of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris. 
(I was painting.) Grateful other networks and reporters captured all the moments so, I could put it all together. 

Now maybe, life can return to some level of normal on a Federal level. I'm with Stephen Colbert, survived the four year countdown and we survived for the moment.

There is the State level to reckon with and even the Local level.

Social Media and now COVID has really messed things up for professionals. I tuned into my new City's meeting, today by ZOOM while painting. When I write a news story, I'll come back and link it up here.
The short takeaway; I live in a place that now has two forms of government and the City one is going to be based on Google. No money, no lawyer, not even an office space. Like I said, hook it up later.

And then there is the return to the Paris Accord, WHO, stopping of the oil & gas permits, Climate Action and hopefully no more talk of some stupid wall. Never could figure that one out. 

Well time to return to my own wall. 
Peace and Joy to the World.
This is a global platform.