05 December 2020

 Condider the Options

Filling a day with positive thoughts and achievements recquires effort these days. 
With a global pandemic, political unrest from the bottom (local) and all the way up (federal), plus holidays; simple is no longer simple.

So, what is the simple? For today, it began with coffee. 
A few necessary business moments, such as what bills to pay?
Remembered that I had another global account with LinkedIn.
Looked around, fixed a few items and then another Now What to consider.

Filled the birdfeeder with sunflower seeds. Opened the curtain so, I can watch the birds while typing.
Every now and then a newbie arrives and then I have something new to learn: Who are you?
The woodpecker population is increasing. The predators are soaring on the wind and keep the ground area under control. Even have two bald eagles that have appeared. 
Guess I need to get my cameras out of storage. 

Excitement here for yesterday. I heard something rustling in the leaves when walking out to the roadside mailbox. Staying focused on the sound and where was that sound? I saw it; An armadillo.
It had been at least twenty-years since an armadillo forged through here. 
Brought a smile to my face to see the young-one focused on its forging with no concern for my presence.